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Having a conviction history creates many limitations. Now, there is a path forward.

Bank on 100 Million is a secure platform that makes it easier for entrepreneurs, with an arrest or conviction, to access needed funding

We aggregate lenders who will fund qualified candidates without bias.  
Our tools help to demonstrate readiness for funding opportunities.  
We get it, we know you will need money at every stage of rebuilding your life

Bank on 100 Million (Bo100M) is a platform collaboration between Mission: Launch, Inc. and R3 Score Technologies, Inc.

Connecting Qualified People to Good Opportunities. Accelerating innovation. Gaining a competitive edge. Moving forward with confidence.

How important is a background check?

1 in 3

or, 70 million people have a criminal record of some kind

9 in 10

Employers run a background check

4 in 5

Landlords run a background check

3 in 5

Universities or colleges run a background check

Our Approach

1-in-3 Americans have an arrest and/or conviction record. Understanding people living with conviction histories requires deep customer intimacy and we help businesses gain these customer/consumer insights.
Connecting people to the right businesses begins with understanding how to identify people living with records as an ideal talent and consumer pool. This is a service our platform offers to both people living with records as well as businesses.
Our collaboration partner, R3 Score, provides a more holistic criminal background check, with expanded utility as an alternative credit score. Businesses can have the confidence that they are equipped to assess people living with convictions with a more modern evaluation tool.

What We Do

Virtual Support Group for Businesses
Authentic conversations with business leaders looking to expand their talent and customer pool to people living with records 
Online Chat Assistance for Individuals
Digital support in getting rapid answers to common questions when navigating reentry and background check barriers.
Strengthen Services Ecosystem
Nationwide listing of nonprofit and community organizations offering various services to people living with records
Pipeline Assistance
Database of people living with records ready to be connected to new opportunities
Corporate Social Responsibility Support
Consultants and subject matter experts ready to assist corporations in building and implementing targeted diversity, equity, and inclusion projects for people living with records

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