Who doesn't love a good origin story?

Mission: Launch is a Maryland 501(C)3 co-founded in 2012 by a mother-daughter team directly impacted by mass incarceration - Teresa Hodge and Laurin (Hodge) Leonard. For nearly a decade, these two women have championed social good technology, civic innovation, and necessity entrepreneurship as reentry strategies. This national body of work has led to the formation of a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) backed business accelerator for people living with records, Mission: LaunchPad, and the successful incubation of R3 Score.

R3 Score is an industry-leading more holistic criminal background check that is currently being used by employers and lenders to assess the 1-in-3 Americans living with criminal records nationwide. As two-time co-founders, Teresa and Laurin, alongside a team, have brought this product to market and after 2020 and the rapid shifts society felt called to build a platform that bridged the social mandate of Mission: Launch and the market-driven evaluation tool R3 Score.

About Us

Since our inception in 2020, R3 has remained steadfast in our mission to provide meaningful support and tireless advocacy designed to facilitate growth, change, and opportunity for marginalized communities and individuals with criminal records throughout America. 

Bo100M is a justice-driven organization dedicated to creating meaningful change and economic equality for over 70 million individuals throughout the country. We provide organizations with practical insight, data, metrics, and guidelines that both support their quest to connect with talented and motivated individuals, while also providing quality economic opportunities and meaningful, lasting societal change for those with a criminal record.

Bo100M works with organizations that want to become a catalyst for social change while driving cost and time efficiencies and broadening their workforce.

Our Story

As with so many powerful movements throughout history, Bo100M was founded by two strong, resilient women who believed they could create meaningful, lasting change in the world. After meeting in 2018 at JustLeadershipUSA’s Leading with Conviction cohort, Bo100M Founders Teresa Hodge and Susan Mason quickly established mutual respect, appreciation, and admiration for each other’s work. 

As criminal justice advocates, social equity and diversity experts, and highly sought-after lecturers and speakers, the women bonded over their passion for uprooting systemic racial inequities and creating transformative pathways for lasting change—specifically for individuals experiencing the social and financial impacts of a criminal record. 

They shared a belief that individuals who had made mistakes in their past were capable of rewriting their future. They shared a belief that individuals who had previously done time in our penitentiary system still had a great deal to offer to society. They shared a belief that individuals who had done their time should not continue to be punished by society by being restricted from quality jobs or access to banking options and loans.

Hodge and Mason also shared an understanding that unless someone took drastic steps to change the way society treated these individuals, the impacts of generational poverty would continue, communities would suffer, and economies would crumble.

...they knew these things because each of these intelligent, highly capable, and powerful women had spent time in prison.


Bo100M provides organizations with the information, data, and tools necessary to dismantle an antiquated, unjust system that prevents over 70 million individuals with conviction histories from living a full, successful, and productive life—a disproportionate number of whom are people of color. 

The Winning Team

Joining Hodge and Mason’s efforts is Jordan Babineaux, a former National Football League (NFL) professional football player whose career included playing for the Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Seahawks. His post-play career led Babineaux to start several businesses, become a sportscaster, and become a published author of the book Pivot to Win.

Teresa Hodge, Susan Mason, and Jordan Babineaux are the winning combination to lead Bo100M. 

As living proof that individuals are more than their past mistakes and that together, we can create a powerful, productive life when the doors of opportunity are opened, the founders of Bo100M are passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of second chances.

Teresa Hodge
Teresa’s passion for helping individuals with criminal histories is birthed out of her own lived experience with mass incarceration. After completing a 70-month federal prison sentence she co-founded Mission: Launch, Inc., with her daughter Laurin Leonard (Hodge). Mission: Launch focuses on inclusive entrepreneurship and unlocking capital for entrepreneurs with criminal histories.
Susan Mason
Susan is a co-founder of What's Next Washington and a member of the 2018 JustLeadershipUSA Leading with Conviction Fellow. She is a 2019 National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Reimagining Communities Fellow, working on removing employment barriers for people with conviction histories.
Jordan Babineaux
Jordan Babineaux transitioned from nearly a decade playing in the NFL to become a sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, and business executive. He currently serves as the “voice” of the Seattle Seahawks on both television and radio, while also helping organizations, teams, and leaders navigate change.