balance Meet Business and DEI Goals

A smart and fair strategic approach

For corporations, organizations and governments looking to create business growth by tapping qualified talent and overlooked consumers.

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April 30, 2022
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Qualified talent and customers are everywhere.

Now, there is a path forward.

Bank on 100 Million is a platform with a smart way to help decision makers meet their business and economic development goals while also creating a more equitable world and closing the racial wealth gap. Let us help you reframe the inherent value in talent and customers living with criminal records.

How is Bo100M helping?

Our platform approach combines the power of R3 Score’s modern risk models with the deep customer knowledge and community engagement strength of Mission: Launch.

How we do things

Our human, holistic approach



70 million Americans have an arrest or conviction record. Understanding people living with a record requires deep customer intimacy. We help businesses gain these insights.



Connecting people to the right businesses begins with understanding how to identify people living with records as an ideal talent and consumer pool.



Businesses need to be equipped to assess people with a record. Our partner, R3 Score, provides a holistic background check, with expanded utility as an alternative credit score.

By the numbers

How important is a background check?


Americans have a criminal record gavel


Employers run a background check business_center


Landlords run a background check maps_home_work


Colleges run a background check school

The work we do

What can we do for you?

"We connect people with records with lenders and employers with an evaluation process that indicates the true risks and rewards of each individual."

Teresa Y. Hodge

person Individuals

This is your chance to be seen differently. Find out how R3 Score can help you show who you are beyond your criminal record.

credit_score Lenders

Our alternative credit score can help you review loan seekers outside of traditional credit score metrics.

business_center Employers

Use R3 Score to make informed and fair decisions about candidates to consider for roles in your company. Promote diversity and ensure you appoint highly qualified individuals. You can hire someone with a criminal record safely and with confidence.

account_balance Government

Both R3 Score and Mission: Launch can help your jurisdiction unlock the potential of your constituents.

volunteer_activism Organizations

Discover how you can get involved as a donor, Community Development Financial Institution, or through your corporate social responsibility.

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